Territory and supply chain


A fruit of Emilia-Romagna’s plains

The fertile plains of Modena and Reggio Emilia form the core of Fruit Modena Group’s production area. To ensure products of the highest quality, our farming companies strictly adhere to farm logs and production guidelines.

We know orchards’ age, their varietal composition, the number of plants and their cadastral number. We carefully monitor crop management, including anti-hail protections, irrigation systems, phytosanitary systems, and fertilisations. Only paying such great attention we can guarantee our products’ full transparency.

Agronomic processes’ optimisation and orchard systems’ increased efficiency are the focus of Eurocampo soc.coop.agr., a service cooperative operating within the group’s three locations. Through Eurocampo, our agronomists provide technical supplies to farmers. This ensures that all entities within Fruit Modena Group can rely on comprehensive support, enhanced operational control, and consistent purchasing practices.


From harvest to shipment

Once harvested, fruit arrives at our plants. Here, each unit is labelled with a tag containing all the necessary information to trace its history and origin. After a thorough inspection, products are stored in cold rooms.

Subsequently, labels’ barcodes are scanned through optical scanners to prepare various shipping and processing batches. Each final package is equipped with a sticker containing an alphanumeric code and, possibly, a barcode. This allows us to trace contents’ origin and maintain complete product traceability.

Fruit Modena Group’s quality control team periodically verifies the effectiveness of this system, implementing improvements as needed to ensure maximum efficiency. This enables us to maintain high levels of transparency and reliability from harvest to shipment.


Our certifications

We have always been committed to offering superior quality products as well as timely and efficient services. Over the years, this dedication has been positively recognised through the achievement of several renowned certifications. These demonstrate that we adhere to international standards for product compliance, the production of high-quality fruit, and food processing safe management.

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