Pears of Emilia-Romagna


Our pears’ birth

We have always dealt with pears’ cultivation and marketing. Each variety has its own harvest season, unique taste, and sensory characteristics, suited to different forms of consumption.

In addition to the well-known varieties, our selection also includes the following pears: Morettini, Rosada, Guyot, and Coscia.

Creating a pear orchard requires technical expertise and a deep passion for the land. At Fruit Modena Group, our field technicians first assess soil suitability, then select the most appropriate varieties for a given soil, and prepare it for cultivation.

Harvesting usually begins in mid-July and continues until mid-September. This schedule allows us to daily supply our warehouses with freshly picked fruit, which is then stored in cold rooms.

Abate Fetel






Max Red Bartlett


Santa Maria



Our sales formats

We distribute our products in various packaging formats to meet the needs of both Italian and international customers. Our options range from classic plastic containers (IFCO, EPS, etc.) to cardboard packaging and wooden crates, as well as more complex and specific solutions for retail, such as trays, baskets, and flow packs. We always prioritise the materials used and maintain a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.


Emilia-Romagna PGI Pear

Among the wide range of pears of the cooperative, the ones labelled PGI Pear of Emilia-Romagna are included. They are the result of a cultivation method that respects nature and follows strict product specification. This guarantees their origin and authenticity.

Renowned worldwide, the Emilia-Romagna Pear is the perfect choice for those seeking mindful consumption, as it offers numerous health benefits. Its versatility makes it ideal for various occasions, preserving its vibrant taste and all natural nutrients.

This unique delicacy is protected by a Consortium, an organisation of passionate individuals who love their job and are dedicated to its continuous improvement. Their efforts have established a virtuous system of cultivation and distribution, leading the world both in territorial scope and exceptional product quality.

Moreover, the PGI label ensures that the production process is monitored by control structures guaranteeing pears’ traceability, quality, and sweetness. It also contributes to making them a symbol of local excellence.

Pears’ seasons