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Imported fruits selected by FMG

A project recently implemented by our Sales Team involves importing the best varieties of pears (and other products) through trusted producers and partners worldwide. This initiative aims to provide our international customers with the freshest and highest-quality products throughout the entire marketing season.


Within Fruit Modena Group’s production area, there are also apple orchards. These apples, intended for both fresh consumption and the distillates’ processing industry, are known for their particularly sweet taste and slightly russeted skin. The red varieties rarely achieve high percentages of surface coloration, except in years with significant temperature fluctuations between night and day or in the sandy soils near the Secchia River.
Our apple production mainly includes red-skinned varieties such as Buckeye, Fujiko, and Fuji, as well as yellow-skinned varieties like Golden Delicious.


Among the fruits offered by Fruit Modena Group, you can also find plums. Their variety is broad and still widely grown in the eastern part of the company’s production area, near the border with Bologna.

The most common types include Goccia d’Oro, BlackAmber, Felisio, Stanley, Fortune, Black Gold, Golden Plum, and the latest-ripening variety, Angeleno. Our plums, intended for fresh consumption, are supplied from June to mid-September, with sales continuing well into November.


Our cherries are grown with care and passion. The ideal soils are well-drained, nutrient-rich, and preferably hilly, where plants can benefit from excellent sun exposure. Our production mainly includes varieties such as Sweet Aryanna, Sweet Lorenz, Big Burlat, Lapins, Ferrovia, and Grace Star. They are harvested from May to July depending on the varieties which are slightly different.