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from 1960

From 1960, Fruit Modena Group has been growing excellent pears, the result of passion and expertise. Thanks to our ideal climate as well as the dedication of our fruit growers members and of the whole cooperative, in the fertile fields of our production area, unique, precious, and 100% Made in Italy fruits are grown.

Among the wide range of pears of the cooperative, the ones labelled PGI Pear of Emilia-Romagna are included. They are the result of a cultivation method that respects nature and follows strict product specification. This guarantees their origin and authenticity.


Thanks to the expertise of the people operating in this field, from fruit growers to agronomists, from our quality to our sales department, sorter and warehouse workers included, as well as the employment of state-of-the-art technologies, we are in the position to meet our international customers’ needs.

Pears’ experts

For over 60 years, we have been a reference point both in Italy and worldwide for those companies who look for high-quality pears.

Service quality

Our high level of specialisation in pears’ production, processing, and marketing makes us proud and enables us to provide a timely and full service to all our international partners.


History of a cooperative

In 2007, two long-established Modena-based companies, Campofrigo in Campogalliano and Eurofrutta in Sorbara, merged to form the FRUIT MODENA GROUP cooperative.

This cooperative is composed of over 250 dedicated fruit growers members with decades of experience in pear cultivation. Their commitment and expertise have made them market leaders, known for being able to deliver top-quality produce.

A story spanning generations.


Our numbers


Storage capacity

Hectares in pears’ production


Pears’ experts

We have always dealt with pears’ cultivation and marketing. Each variety has its own harvest season, unique taste, and sensory characteristics, suited to different forms of consumption.

In addition to the well-known varieties, our selection also includes early-summer cultivars: Morettini, Rosada, Guyot, and Coscia. These varieties are typically pear-shaped, with a yellow shaded green skin, generally juicy, and medium to small in size.

Abate Fetel






Max Red Bartlett


Santa Maria



Stories of a territory

Fruit Modena Group has chosen to shape its future starting from enhancing the value of all the farming companies located in the fertile plains of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which form its core.

Support for producers begins daily by improving orchards’ productivity and establishing a strong network of connections with research and training institutions to ensure the preservation of our environmental heritage.


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